The alexander levy gallery, Berlin, is pleased to present the new work Landscape Painting, 2015, by Julius von Bismarck at ARTISSIMA.

Julius von Bismarck engages the tradition of landscape painting by, quite literally, painting the landscape.
In the remote Mexican desert, the artist and a crew of local workers first covered a vista of rocks, earth and cacti in white paint, and then proceeded to realistically repaint it in its actual colors. The process becomes fodder for a poetic documentary-style video and the resulting “painting” the subject of a large-scale digital photograph.

The photograph of the painted desert will be installed on the outside wall of a video room. In the room will be the video on view, which shows for 30 min the whole process of the landscape painting.

By showing first the photograph on the outside oft he booth, the visitor gets challenged to experience if he accepts the photograph as real nature or not, before he sees the video in the room.