The gallery alexander levy is pleased to present a work series by Fabian Knecht at Frieze London’s new initiative “Artist-to-Artist”. Knecht was proposed by Olafur Eliasson for the programme.

The textile works of “Laughing is Suspicious” consist of fragments of personal clothing woven into nets. Their original function is as camouflage to protect Russian targets in Ukraine. Thus, bridging art and utility, and adapting their purpose to specific locations. Their aesthetic depth arises from this nexus of context and content, both generic and site- specific. The works embody the exchange between the artist and his collaborators, members of the Ukrainian resistance. Following the invasion of Ukraine Knecht joined them to support their efforts. He also collaborates with the Kyiv aid organisation Livyj Bereh and its partners. In all, “Laughing is Suspicious” aptly encapsulates the concept of “soziale Plastik”, socio-political from its foundation, its proceeds also support the Ukrainian humanitarian projects.