The gallery alexander levy is very pleased to present new works from the sculptor Gereon Krebber.
In his second solo exhibit, hülluhollo, the Cologne-based artist will be showing sculptures of melted film, concrete and other building materials which he has modified and transformed in surprising ways.

In the middle of the room is an ensemble of sack-like film sculptures, accompanied by concrete casts and works of worm-like expanding foam. Between amorphous forms and bulges, clean edges and hanging tentacles, shapes that are difficult to classify, irregular and only conditionally plannable come into being – as playful and consciously indefinite as the title of the exhibit.

“Given the artistic world of Gereon Krebber, it is quite obvious that the priority is not only the development of appropriate perspectives or interpretations, but much more so to initially and fundamentally ascertain what we are even seeing in front of us. The objects recorded by Gereon Krebber in his sketches or as realized as sculptures are both entirely present for the senses and strangely unapproachable. They are located in an ontological field of tension between thing, shape and image, without it being possible to entirely capture them in one of these categories.

As visibly artificial formations, they are undoubtedly at home in the sphere of art, and also qualify as images in a general sense, in that they are primarily oriented to being experienceable in visual re-enactment. However, they are also defined by their evidently object-like quality, and are also present as bodies in a world that is understood and constituted in material terms. It is particularly this material physicality that takes on its own meaning in Krebber’s approach, to the extent that it here becomes a significant element of the appearance and it is no longer possible to abstract the shapes from the contingency of their material.”

(Cited from: Reinhard Buskies: WYSIWYG – Gereon Krebber. Catalog for the exhibit in the Kunstverein Bochum 2013, p. 12)

Gereon Krebber (born 1973 in Oberhausen) studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf and at the Royal College in London. He lives and works in Cologne and has been professor for sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf since 2012.

Works of Gereon Krebber can currently be seen in the exhibit Die Bildhauer (The sculptors) in the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen K20 and in the exhibit WYSIWYG in the Kunstverein Bochum. Krebber will soon erect the large public sculpture Blobster in Gelsenkirchen.

Krebber recently received commissions for both the Gesundheitscampus NRW and for the Sparkasse KölnBonn.