I have a feeling of vertigo ever since I was born. Like I’m standing on a planetary sphere that has no scale or direction, and where there is no above or below. (Felix Kiessling)

Gallery alexander levy is pleased to present Neuordnung II (New Order II) with new works by artist Felix Kiessling from Sept. 09 to Nov. 04, 2017.

In his formally reduced works, Felix Kiessling explores the question of dimensionality and scale. Many of his works reference scientific topics; his artistic approach visualizes intractable physical paradoxes and phenomena.

This exhibition evolves from his 2010 solo show Neuordnung, where Felix Kiessling already focused on the structure of space and interstices. By applying physical parameters, he creates works that virtually link different places in our universe. By touching two inherently separate positions, he dissolves dividing lines of geographical, socio-political and above all physical nature. He forges a global, theoretical unity and interconnectedness, prompting us to ponder our own place in time and space.

Through Neuordnung II, Kiessling will playfully interact with the world and try to overcome physical distances considering their theoretical and material presence. For his piece Erddurchstechung (Global Piercing) he travels to two places located precisely on opposite sides of the globe – namely the Rangipo desert in New Zealand and the Parque Nacional de Cabañeros in Spain. At these antipodean points, he vertically anchors metal pipes in the ground to form a common line. He creates an imaginary link between two positions that are furthest apart from each other. The entry and exit point of this global piercing are documented in photographs. For the piece Erdtangente (Earth Tangent) Kiessling creates a fictive tangent of 5,000 meters’ length that only touches the global surface in one single point. Two aluminum poles mounted on tripods and perfectly aligned with each other (one in the exhibition space, the other in his studio at the Malzfabrik, Berlin) form this ‘earth tangent’. Der Himmel unter mir (The Sky Beneath Me) will be screened on the gallery floor: A live stream showing New Zealand’s firmament on the other side of the earth, diametrically opposite to the gallery space of alexander levy – as if the observer is gazing into a hole, through the globe and out on the other side.

Kiessling’s works are characterized by a touch of hubris with a fearless approach to extraordinary themes and materials. Yet it is precisely this approach with its playful testing of limits, that allows us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world in which we interact. Looking at his work we sense that we are part of a larger whole, that we are connected to things that otherwise seem very remote.