The gallery alexander levy is pleased to present new works from Marc Lüders.

Marc Lüders work moves between photography and painting.
With his “photopictures”, as he calls them, he joins two artistic media, whereby photography provides the background for painting.

His photographs are supplemented with people or abstract objects painted in oil. The backgrounds of past series included the subway and supermarkets in New York, as well as the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

The locations recorded by Lüders are on the one hand supplemented with people he finds at other locations, photographed and used as a foundation for painting. The people thus have no connection to the places and Lüders transports them into a new situation, to which they adapt, but in which they always appear a little strange.

On the other hand, Lüders allows abstract objects to float through his pictorial world, which in some cases appear to have absorbed the chromaticity of the background.
The figures and objects, which adopt and imitate the light and space situations of the photograph, thus appear credible and yet are revealed at second glance.

The new works to be found in the exhibit in some cases originate from the Bismarckbad series. Photographs of an old swimming pool in Hamburg, which has been demolished, become the image carriers here. As with the East Side Gallery, here too Lüders has chosen a location that is decaying. The special aspect of this series is that, next to Lüders objects, the figures appear transparent, about to dissolve. Background and light are intensively utilised as colouring for the respective person.