“To isolate, to protect, but breathing. Brushstroke that constructs”. V.U.

The gallery alexander levy is pleased to present the first solo show by Vicky Uslé in Berlin.
Vicky Uslé, 1981 born in Santander, Spain, lives now for over 20 years between NYC and Saro (Spain). Living between two cultures (USA & Spain) and between city and nature, she uses the medium of drawing and painting to express observations, dreams and reflections. Each entry is a visual poem balancing fleeting sensations with a concrete suggestive line. Her images exist in a space where obscure detail might brush up against luminous thought and then bond like the nucleus of a moment, they lay like a specimen a upon the page. Using the aesthetics of metaphor: science, nature, and architecture commune with openly abstract shapes and formations. For remembrance or for further reflection, she answers to the subtlety of a shifting mood and the impression it leaves behind. They trace an iconographic world that is open to interpretation and shifts between the figurative and abstract.

Vicky Uslé chooses Woodchedding as title for the exhibition because it describes her current situation. Woodshedding is a Jazz musicians term meaning “going off to practice”. It’s typically used to suggest a devotion to getting it right. Vicky Uslé is doing this by going back to the basics and spending time desolated and concentrated in the studio. She uses a brushstroke more subconsciously and tries to stay away from strict orientation systems or parameters. Her works appear as organic structures that don’t follow any rules but at the same time bring up numerous associations in us. “I am interested with what relates with the idea interior-exterior, the other skin, skin that protects and articulates, skin that moves”. V.U.

In the words from the art critic Mariano Navarro: “she has opted for the search of a space for her own, from the continuity and reinforcement of open formulas of abstraction, capable of offering the most difficult in art, an image to think of while we are being captivated or moved by sentiments. In her work, it is in the minimal, where surprise dwells, resides, and where meaning is generated”.