Colin Snapp
National Charter
Galerie Allen, Paris
Jun 3 – Jul 29, 2023
Opening: Jun 3, 4 – 8 pm


The work of L.A.-based artist Colin Snapp presents a rare melding of intimacy and alienation. Stemming from the political zeitgeist of his native culture, as well as his travels in multiple continents, Snapp’s forays into film and photography document the perceptual interference of brands, insignia, and technology itself, across vistas that would otherwise appear romantic, metaphysical, or allegorical. This is not to say that Snapp’s work eschews the numinous significance embedded in, say, a landscape, or the sudden flashes of insight that can follow from handling a particular item of technology. Rather, his work is a kind of mediated commentary on the rituals pervasive mediation has imposed on us.

Like a crosshair drawn across our very capacity for conscious perception, National Charter documents how every vantage point we take on the world is branded in some way; and while the ubiquity of technology has an irrefragable influence on this, it doesn’t tell the whole of Snapp’s story.