Colin Snapp
The Dreamers
58th October Salon, Belgrade Biennial
Jun 27 – Aug 22, 2021
Belgrade, Serbia


The Dreamers, 58th October Salon, Belgrade Biennale, is curated by Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin, founding directors of CURA.

The exhibition intends to question not only the misleading and ambiguous nature of the real but the space occupied by dreams—intended as the metaphorical embodiment of a space of freedom—which is able to challenge the certainty of the real world, of acquired knowledge and of our own beliefs.

In a world where cultural, religious, and expressive barriers are increasingly being tightened, artists react to the paradoxical coincidence of antithetic attitudes—openness, permeability, distrust, and rejection—and with the construction of a new space, where racial, sexual and social freedom and imaginaries can be experimented with. The questions are: How can we perceive today’s world? What are the conditionings that interfere in our ability to critically experience reality? How can artists explain the complexity of the human being in current times? Can technology produce reality? In what ways have the promises and the failures of technology altered, addressed or amplified the idea of progress, emancipation and of the future?

If the artists are antennae of the future, The Dreamers are intended as the pioneering inhabitants of a new world where no barriers, no limits, and no borders can restrict the access to a land where we can re-think our own time, rules and attitudes, and configure new scenarios.

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