Ella Littwitz
Soil to Soil
Alte Fabrik
Rapperswil, Switzerland
May 21 – Jul 3, 2022

The focus of the thematic group exhibition “Soil to Soil” is on the effects of human activity on the complex entity “soil”. In particular, on the ecological, botanical and climatic consequences of human activity, while also paying attention to its political, scientific and territorial meanings. Furthermore, the exhibition deliberately plays with the different meanings of the English word “soil”, which as a noun means “ground” and as a verb means “to pollute, soil, contaminate”.

With the works by Vanessa Billy, Monica Ursina Jäger, Lithic Alliance, Ella Littwitz, Hunter Longe, Ceylan Öztrük, Reto Pulfer und Pedro Wirz.

Curated by Irene Grillo.