Fabian Knecht
Jun 10 – Jul 31, 2021 (indoor exhibition)
Jun 12 – Sep 25 (outdoor exhibition)
Kleingärten Habsburg-Gaußstraße
Berlin, Germany

The exhibition (re)connecting.earth brings together 16 international artists whose work deals with ecological issues and, more specifically, with the relationship between humans and nature in urban spaces. They developed instructions that offer viewers, in concrete and metaphorical ways, the possibility of direct interaction with other species: plants, animals or other objects that populate the city space. At the interface between art, city and nature, theoretical and practical situations are created, similar to those of the Situationist and Fluxus movements of the 1960s in which artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys and Yoko Ono expanded the concept of the performative and participation.

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