Artist Lecture Felix Kiessling
Saturday, October 16, 2021, 6:30 PM
Kunstverein Schwerin
Spieltordamm 5
D – 19055 Schwerin

As part of

September 18 – November 21, 2021
nearly instant, nearly raw – part II
Felix Kiessling, Schirin Kretschmann, Kriz Olbricht

In the work of the artist Felix Kiessling (*1980 Hamburg), shown in the group show “nearly instant, nearly raw / part II”, states of tension are generated, bundled and fixed in sculptural objects. He allows physical forces to have a targeted effect on a wide variety of materials. For example, in his “Impakt” series, heavy weights from free fall deform aluminum and steel plates or discarded fire doors into sculptures. This artistic method corresponds to a simulated meteorite collision, in which the momentum of the impact remains readable in the objects displayed in the exhibition space. Felix Kiessling makes physical forces, cosmic connections as well as phenomena of immaterial energy visible in his artistic works. Thus, in the outdoor lamp of the Kunstverein Schwerin manipulated by the artist, the discharges of lightning counted worldwide flow together in a bundle – depicted in real time in an incessant, irregular flickering.