Felix Kiessling
Quitte Eisen Soda
Kunstverein Heilbronn
Jan 27 – Apr 16, 2023
Opening: Jan 26, 7 pm

Felix Kiessling makes the world resonate. In a dynamic and complex combination of sound, light, color, found objects and data processing, the artist creates an ensemble that transposes aurally and visually elusive cosmic phenomena in real time.

With kinetic sculptures, a self-playing doubl bass and drumsticks made from oak branches, the artist succeeds in making visible the so-called Schuman resonance as well as global earthquake parameters, thus. and thus visualize the beat of the world.

In the medial merging of paintings of spray and resin based paint on canvas, one green-bluish shimmering non-objective LED wall object titled Green Sun and two further light works, which show lightning occurrences of a weather map in real time, a light and sound space unfolds as a laboratory of the senses.

Playfully appropriated technological functions fathom the invisible, the hidden meaning; they are devoted to the exploration of environmental forces by means of discarded objects, such as a wrecked car. The view of our environment that surrounds humans in the Anthropocene – due to the ongoing ruthless exploitation of resources – is brought together with a resultant disillusioned attitude towards life, and consequently generates images of a process that is about to collapse.