Felix Kiessling with „Taumel“ in New York Times article
In Berlin, the Art World Spreads Out to Stay Safe“ – The New York Times
14. September 2020


It was the more commercial, easy-on-the-eye medium of painting, rather than sculpture, installation or video, that predominated at Gallery Weekend. But Alexander Levy was one of the galleries offering something more conceptually challenging at the space in the Mitte district. The Berlin-based artist Felix Kiessling explored the transformative effects of Newtonian mechanics on the hardware of our industrialized society in his show titled “Taumel” (“Tumult”). An old steel door, for example, has become a buckled relief sculpture after having an 800 kilogram (or about 1,760-poundconcrete weight dropped on it from a crane. This was spotted online by a collector in Copenhagen, who bought it for €12,000, according to the gallerist, Alexander Levy.

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Taumel” is the current exhibition at the alexander levy gallery (11.09 – 24.10.2020).