Gereon Krebber
Lustwarande – Stations
Jul 3 – Sep 3, 2021
Lustwarande, De Oude Warande
Tilburg, Netherlands

In 2021 Lustwarande reflects on twenty years of exhibition practice in park De Oude Warande and therefore exclusively has invited artists who have previously participated in Lustwarande.

STATIONS refers to the moment in the careers of the artists that they participated in Lustwarande – at various times in a span of twenty years, sometimes repeatedly – and the current phase in their careers, now that they are all mid-career and established. At the same time, the title refers to the seasonal changes so essential to the location and to the stations of life, to the passage of time, to transformation and impermanence, and to the aspect of walking, so important to Lustwarande and related outdoor exhibitions. Where you stop as a hiker, at the individual sculptures, stations in themselves, new stories unfold, which are palpably but not directly identifiably interconnected.

The following artists will participate in STATIONS: Monica Bonvicini (IT) – Tom Claassen (NL) – Michel François (BE) & Douglas Eynon (UK) – Gereon Krebber (DE) – Mark Manders (NL) – Navid Nuur (IR) – Thomas Rentmeister (DE) – Ugo Rondinone (CH) – Maria Roosen (NL) – Marien Schouten (NL) – Erwin Wurm (AU)

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