Julius von Bismarck
Feuer mit Feuer
Sep 4 – Jan 24, 2021
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

What do we perceive today as nature? Has the view of nature changed through confrontations with natural disasters, via the media or in real life? Do we still entertain a romantic image of nature?
Humankind has always had to fight against the forces of nature, but when these become rampant or turn into catastrophes, real events influence our notion of nature and are reflected in pictorial representations of our visual cultures.

“Nowhere else does one dream as one does in front of the flame of a candle.”- Gaston Bachelard, Philosopher

Julius von Bismarck delves into questions regarding a contemporary conception of nature within the context of recent climate changes. In his performances, installations, sculptures, videos and photographs, he oscillates experimentally between scientific and artistic perspectives and, in doing so, creates powerful aesthetic imagery. ‘I draw my inspiration from science and work artistically,’ von Bismarck explains his working strategy. Always on the lookout for alternative forms of perception, he translates nature and technology into fresh, hitherto unseen images.

“I draw my inspiration from science and work artistically.” – Julius von Bismarck