Julius von Bismarck
Landscapes of Memory
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
Conference Center, Paris
Mar 30 – Apr 15

“Global warming, plastic in the sea, the destruction of the rainforest, the ever-growing consumption of natural resources, the loss of biodiversity. Man’s influence on the planet is immense. The scientific and socio-political discourse has long been referred to as the Anthropocene, a man-made age. According to this, “nature” on a planetary scale is a culturally and technically overformed nature by man: Earth system and humanity can no longer be thought of separately from each other, man has become a geological factor. How do we perceive nature? And what idea do we have of her?

On the occasion of the Environment Ministers’ Meeting of the OECD this question is now being investigated by the exhibition “Landscapes of Memory”, which is organized by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment. The exhibition combines a selection of works by the conceptual artists Julius von Bismarck, Julian Charrière and Andreas Greiner. It will be shown from 30.03. to 15.04.2022 at the OECD Conference Center in Paris. The exhibition will open on March 29, 2022 in the presence of OECD Environment Director Rodolfo Lacy, German Ambassador Michaela Spaeth and other representatives of the OECD member states. The artist Andreas Greiner will also be present.”