Julius von Bismarck
Duisburg, Germany


Neustadt (New City), a large scale sculpture by Julius von Bis­ma­rck in collaboration with Marta Dya­chenko, has been making its way from Berlin to Duisburg on a barge since Sunday, March 28.

The sculpture is due to arrive at Duisburg this Sunday where the artwork will be installed on the bank of the river as part of the Emscherkunstweg (Emscher Art Trail). A permanent public art collection along the Emscher river in the Ruhr region. The initiative is a collaboration between Urbane Künste Ruhr, Emschergenossenschaft and Regionalverband Ruhr.

Neustadt con­sists of 21 models (in 1:25 scale) of residential buildings, water parks, churches and schools that were demolished since the 2000s. Raising issues of the development of cities and sustainability. The decision to ship it in a barge is also ecological, since the sculptures weigh several tons. It can also be interpreted as a performative act that allows people to view a “floating city” along the riverbanks. The artists will be aboard the boat to document the trip.

You can track the boat’s journey on this link and see this “floating city” pass near you, please click here for the link.

For visiting at Emscherkunstweg information please click here.