Mischa Leinkauf
Checkpoint. Border Views From Korea
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
May 21 – Sep 18, 2022
Opening: May 20, 7-9pm

North Korea, the DMZ, and the prospect of a possible common future: Based on these three thematic complexes, approx. 35 artworks by both Korean and non-Korean artists from the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, and video are presented, which deal with the politically and culturally complex situation and offer insights into life experiences with visible and invisible borders. Omnipresent surveillance and fantasies about the southern brother state play a role in the artworks, as do mass events to pay homage to the political leadership. The DMZ itself is examined in various artworks for its divisive and even frightening character. On the one hand,it is an absolute prohibitive zone; and on the other, it is a tourist attraction and a retreat for nature. Stereotypes are questioned, as are separations and re-encounters. In the third chapter of the exhibition, the artistic positions revolve around the prospect of peaceful reunification of North and South Korea. The research-based REAL DMZ PROJECT was initiated in South Korea in 2011 to use the means of contemporary art to negotiate the various issues of borders and divisions and to develop scenarios for a possible shared future. After venues in London, Paris and Sydney, the REAL DMZ PROJECT Negotiating Borders will be on view under the title Checkpoint. Border Views From Korea at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.