Mischa Leinkauf
Encounter the Spatial
Kyoto Experiment
Kyoto Art Center, Japan
Oct 1 – 23, 2022

Kyoto Experiment 2022 is a festival that enables encounters and dialogue with the performing arts. This year’s key concept is “new teku teku”.

“Teku teku” is a Japanese word that expresses footsteps or walking at a steady pace. After the past two years in which covid has had a huge impact on society, (the) key concept “new teku teku” proposes to reconsider walking and how we share physicality, space and time. In addition to the act of using your feet to walk there are, by extension, many types of teku teku: being in various states of mind, of shuttling back and forth between different times, an emotional change, or even a move toward a certain set of standards or system. This year’s festival aims to rethink these various ways of walking and gain a new way of thinking that will guide us in the future.

The festival consists of three programs: “Shows,” a lineup of experimental performing arts works and exhibitions from around the world; “Super Knowledge for the Future [SKF],” a series of talks and workshops that explore the relationship between experimental performing arts and society; and “Kansai Studies,” a program that researches the Kansai region together with artists and provides a foundation for future creation.

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