Nik Nowak
Wenn die Sirenen heulen (It’s on us)
Galerie Oel-Früh, Hamburg
Jan 19 – 28, 2024
Opening: Jan 19, 7pm

The exhibition “Wenn die Sirenen heulen (it`s on us)” shows eight positions that deal artistically with climate destruction and war. The focus is on the question of how constant threats change our physical and psychological existence. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, many things have been put to the test and it has become clear who is practising solidarity and who is using the crisis for their own interests. The Russian army’s war of aggression against Ukraine followed and brought the war back to Europe. Hamas attacks are hitting Israel and hundreds of civilians are dying, the Middle East is destabilized. Right-wing extremist parties are getting louder, tornadoes are storming, landscapes are being flooded and hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking shelter. Art can help to close a communicative gap when it comes to the pressing issues of our time. Because facts alone are often not enough to bring about change, feelings and senses are also addressed.

Curated by Anne Mundo und Dirk Teschner

Artists: Martin Assig, Richard Green, Hannah Hallermann, Verena Issel,  Jeewi Lee, Anne Mundo, Nik Nowak, Raul Walch