Nik Nowak & Mischa Leinkauf
Sonic City
23 Aug – 19 Sep 2021
Various locations
Berlin, Germany

Sonic City is an acoustic exhibition platform in public urban space. For the first presentation, Berlin-based artists Ed Davenport, Wilhelm Klotzek, Sandra Man and Nik Nowak have each been invited to develop a site-specific sound work. What hidden and invisible layers of urban space exist parallel to our everyday paths through the metropolis. At four locations in the middle of Berlin, the works mark intersections of urban space to architectures that often go unnoticed or undiscovered by the city’s inhabitants in everyday life. From inaccessible “holes” in the city, the sounds reach to the outside and allow us to imagine a complex network of subterranean structures or activities. Beyond the exhibition space, all works can only be perceived acoustically. They are denied a precise temporal announcement. The ephemeral interventions in the ordering system of the city stand for the empowerment of a presentation space in everyday life.

The project, initiated by Mischa Leinkauf, is an innovative format funded by the BBK within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR and designed as a modular, expandable platform.