Sinta Werner
Gegenläufige Verschiebung
Klocker Museum, Austria
Mar 18 – May 29, 2023
Opening: Mar 17, 6pm

In her wall objects and spatial sculptures, Sinta Werner combines the dematerialising and perception-changing properties of glass with the clear structures of contemporary architecture, thus putting our visual habits to the test.

As in modern architecture, where the introduction of the glass façade suddenly blurred spatial boundaries, the Berlin-based artist uses precisely this quality of glass as a material in her photographic works. While in some of her works the glass functions as an image carrier and thus makes actually solid building structures appear translucent and light, elsewhere she layers glass in front of her architectural photographs and thus breaks up strict, geometric structures. Massive building structures that follow clear geometric principles overlap, begin to blur, and appear fragile. For her series “Gegenläufige Verschiebung” and “Provozierte Ablenkung” the artist went in search of motifs in Innsbruck and Hall. The results of these photo tours, along with other new works by Sinta Werner, will be presented publicly for the first time on the occasion of her solo exhibition at the Klocker Museum.