Sinta Werner
Different Degrees of Freedom
Kunsthalle Bega, Romania
Mar 17 – Aug 13, 2023
Opening: Mar 17, 6pm

The exhibition Different Degrees of Freedom starts from the double meaning of this phrase. On the one hand, in physics and mathematics, the degree of freedom of a point in space depends on the Cartesian system’s parameter variables that can define its position. And on the other hand, in a metaphorical sense, the degree of freedom that we can imagine about an individual but also about a system, is closely related to the scenarios and projections related to the independence from the norms to which they refer and the possibilities of “release” in relation to it. The title of this exhibition is inspired by one of the works by artist Judith Fegerl, a work through which the physical structure of an art institution was taken apart and “demystified”, while also testing the “degrees of freedom” which can be attributed to it.

Curator: Diana Marincu

Artists: Andreea Albani, Ștefania Becheanu, Andrei Bucovanu, Mircea Cantor, Ștefan Curelici, Judith Fegerl, Adrian Ganea, Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien, Sebastian Moldovan, Ciprian Mureșan, Cristian Rusu, Sinta Werner, Anna Zvyagintseva.