Sinta Werner
Falling Apart
Kunsthaus Nürnberg
Nürnberg, Germany
Mar 26 – Jun 12, 2022

The exhibition FALLING APART at Kunsthaus Nürnberg stages failures and shifts in meaning, and traces the illusion of certainties. Using painting, sculpture and spatial installations, the four artists intervene in the rooms of the Kunsthaus and transform them into a platform for reflection on the supposedly incontestable.

These works invite the viewer to study them attentively and for some time. Irritations and turning points often arise, in the confronta- tion with the installations. Frequently, the individual works start out from the building or exhibition space itself. Just when we think we have “understood” how a piece by Buckel, Gallmeier, Werner or Zein “works”, how it is made or how we should classify it, this understand- ing collapses after a reference to the other artworks on show or to the spatial environment. In this sense, the works are a plea to hold onto the complexity of the world. There can be no simple answers.

Each artist presents their work in one of the four rooms of the Kunsthaus, conceived with the space in mind: Spatial installations, floor works, painting, drawing, photography and frottage. In the wide central corridor, the individual positions are interwoven and create meaningful reciprocal references.