Su Yu Hsin
paradoks 2023: UNEARTH
HGB Gallery, KV Leipzig
Leipzig, Germany
Oct 5 – 22, 2023
Opening: Oct 5, 8 pm

The third edition of paradoks, from October 5 to 22, 2023, under the title UNEARTH, asks about the nature of cultural memory in the Anthropocene. What myths, utopias, rituals, and narratives shape our conception of natural space, wildlife, and the Anthropocene – this geochronological epoch in which humans exert significant influence on events in the planetary atmospheres and biospheres? How is the past remembered through human-altered landscapes? What reminders do ruins and artifacts overgrown by nature contain? The focus is on four multi-channel works that operate at the edges of the documentary and can be seen for two weeks at the gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts and at KV – Verein für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig in Kolonnadenstraße.