Su Yu Hsin
Living Togetherness – 2023 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition
Hong-gah Museum
Taipei, Taiwan
Nov 4, 2023 – Jan 28, 2024

Curator: HSU Shih-Yu, Zoe Chia-Jung YEH

In “Living Togetherness,” the notion of “care” is discussed through three aspects: Firstly, the artworks delve into the intricate intersections among living beings, substances, environments, and cultures. By embracing an extensive time frame that transcends human life expectancy, they seek to acknowledge ecological and cultural narratives that extend beyond the anthropocentric perspective. Secondly, amidst rapid technological advancements, the definition of life has grown increasingly complex and nuanced. The artworks delicately explore the distinctions and boundaries between “survival” and the state of “being alive,” researching various manifestations of “living” while fostering an understanding and appreciation for the unfamiliarity of each other’s situations and perceptions. Furthermore, certain artworks within the exhibition revolve around the preservation of artifacts and the legacy of cultural memories. They look closely into numerous daily caretaking activities and employ listening and reflection on the subject matter as a starting point. Through this approach, the exhibition is envisioned to become a habitat where diverse perceptions, mediums, materials, and bodies reside together.