Moritz Stumm and Stefan Neuberger
Jun 14, 2024 – Jul 19, 2024
Opening: Jun 14, 6-9pm

What does the exploitation of of animals by the police in order to wield their monopoly of violence at the beginning of the 21st century tell us about man’s claim to power over nature and the state over its citizens? What parallels can be drawn to human nature, our desires and instincts?

The series KONTROLLE addresses the power structure between animals, state power and, implicitly, citizens – in the form of stylised images of training sessions of police service horses and dogs. The focus of the works is on the animals, which sometimes calmy, sometimes agressively, at times even playfully dutifully obey commands. The composition is reminiscent of the iconography of authority of equestrian statues and raises the question of the staging of state power in the present day.