The gallery alexander levy is delighted to have the opportunity to present new works by Thorsten Passfeld in the exhibition Heiss, Billig, Kurz / Hot Cheap Short.

The wall objects by Thorsten Passfeld (*1975) are playful, ironic, humorous and critical as well as human and light.
With painstaking care, Passfeld creates visual universes comprising of plywood, cupboard walls and old floorboards, which he retrieves from buildings about to be demolished or old roof structures.

Passfeld intentionally selects wood as a material because in a way this contradicts the predominant criteria of the art business. His objects are neither chic nor clean, they are made of a material that we are surrounded by on an everyday basis and to which we would not attribute any particular aesthetic significance.

His objects consist of light-hearted, absurd image-text collages, comprising of individual wooden sections.

Passfeld, a magnificent virtuoso master builder and storyteller, who in his work combines the randomness of the provisional with a deeper meaning, is an unfaltering artist, who combines the wonderful moments of happiness and the poetic quality of failure in a wonderful symbiosis.

We as viewers are called upon to make a stand, take responsibility, make decisions and in doing so maintain our sense of humour.